Saturday, July 4, 2009

HJ Interludes part - 1

Harris Jeyaraj's music has mostly been enjoyable and in particular his interludes.
If there was one thing abt HJ which demanded a definite change was his reptitve style
of arrangements, orchestration and song interludes. Just to show the same, I have listed a few interludes from his very very popular songs. All these songs are good but they sound almost the same especially when he uses Saxaphone/Nathaswaram as the interlude's lead instrument. When I say they sound same, I mean the arrangements and
orchestration style and not the tune.

Check it out.

Suttum vizhi sudare - Ghajini

Track 04 - Surya

Though the sax sounds good but it is almost the same as the one used in VV.

VV - Partha mudhal

HJ - Interlude - ParthaMudal - 2 PAARTHA MUDHAL

Both of them(infact almost most of the ones listed in this post)
have strikingly similar orchestration. Interlude starts. Then a pause.
Then start the nadaswaram/sax. Though that suits the song well,
but I would love to hear something else/someother style in HJ songs.

OMama - Minnale.

OMAMA - Minnale - HJ

Actually HJ has this habit of using Sax(or its some sort of variant )
right from his first movie.

Mudhar Kanave - Majnu

HJ-majnu-interlude-sax - LATEST

Same continued in second movie as well.

12B - Jothi neranjave

JOTHI_NARANJAVA_start_nathaswaram.mp3 -

This time its not an interlude but the start.
However, this one was not as similar to the previous ones.
But still couldnt stope relating them.

Kummiadi - Chellame.

JOTHI_NARANJAVA_start_nathaswaram.mp3 -

This one is quite different from the rest. May be becos
of the mood of the song.

Though all these numbers are peppy and enjoyable, because
of the stero typed orchestration these songs dont become
classics in my books.I always wished he uses differnt sort
of interludes which he did in few other songs.
Will blog about that in the next post.